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“This collection of original essays celebrates the fierce bond and special intimacy between straight women and their gay male best friends, as well as the sometimes disheartening realization that the boy you like, likes boys. Many essays soar with strong insights into love, humanity and the nature of friendship.”

-Publisher’s Weekly

“There’s something for almost everyone in this lively and emotional anthology compiled by a gay man and a straight woman who have become confidant and cheerleader to each other despite living on opposite coasts.”

The Advocate

“Fueled by feeling that their deep, straight-woman-gay-man friendship ‘was both unique and universal,’ editors de la Cruz and Dolby developed this compelling anthology focused on various aspects of such relationships.”


“A groundbreaking book examines the meeting of the social vanguard and the sartorially divine.”


“[T]he book is quietly revolutionary-in our divisive world, reading about people who celebrate each other’s differences is thoroughly refreshing.”

-Time Out New York

“Diamonds may be forever, but it turns out that a gay boy is actually a girl’s best friend, according to a new book that is the first definitive guide to the ‘fag hag’.”

-The Observer (London)

“[T]he truly impressive collection of authors has set out to thoroughly explore the gay-guy/straight-girl experience in a way that transcends the cliché.”


“As the guys and dolls in this collection dish on each other, it becomes clear that these stories of real-life dynamic duos-alternately poignant and whimsical, funny and heartbreaking-will resonate long after you flip past the latest rerun of Will and Grace.”

-Next Magazine

“[S]mart editing by Dolby and de la Cruz, a fag and a hag respectively for more than decade, and good writing both by ladies with gay friends and by gays with lady friends, nicely trump correctness and cliché….[T]he contributors…write with engaging depth and much humor about the instinctive, emotional, and sometimes sexual bonds between straight women and gay men.”

-The New York Blade

“[The editors] have teamed up to edit the definitive guide to the hag/fag friendship.”

“[The anthology] affirms what gay men and the women who love them have known for decades: that they have a bond unlike any other.”

-The San Francisco Chronicle

“[T]here are now so many of us gals with gay best friends that it’s become what sociologists like to call ‘a phenomenon’. And now America is raving about a new book which examines it.”

-The Irish Independent

“The innocence of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is refreshing.”

-Santa Fe Reporter

“Buy in bulk and dispense to every sister, mother and hag for every birthday and major holiday.”


“The bond that exists between some gay men and straight women may not be biologically explicable, but the 28 essays in the outstanding anthology Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys explore the subject with acumen and unflinching honesty.”

-Gay City News (New York)

“In essays that run the gamut from hilarious to profound, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys shatters the stereotype of the ‘fag hag,’ supplanting it with vivid, heart-felt portraits of the complicated, compassionate women who enrich our lives. It’s a valentine to that rare kind of love, one free from the maddening trap of desire, and proof that sisterhood ain’t just for girls.”

-Doug Wright, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Grey Gardens,
I Am My Own Wife, and Quills

“A charmingly skewered look at best friends.”

-Plum Sykes, New York Times bestselling novelist,
Bergdorf Blondes

“More than once while I was reading this collection of hip, funny, surprisingly insightful essays, I had to pause and call a female friend to read her a passage. This talented group of writers takes old stereotypes of ‘fags’ and ‘hags,’ examines them, explodes them, and occasionally–just for the fun of it–indulges in them.”

-Vestal McIntyre, Lambda Award-winning author of
You Are Not the One

“The essays in this book, as widely varied as life itself, stand in vivid counter-point to the clichés that popular culture has already codified about gay men and the women in their lives. They remind us once again that neither gender nor sexuality can ever fully dictate the tenants of our hearts.”

-Armistead Maupin, from the foreword